Overcome your fear of public speaking and find your own unique voice.

Our Approach

We believe that we learn best when we are relaxed and when we have fun. We pride ourselves in creating a safe, supportive and fun environment in our workshops and coaching sessions, that means you are comfortable pushing your boundaries and will often surprise yourself!

Our Methodology

Our methodology sits on the cross section of business, arts and science. It is developed by our founder Dasha Dollar-Smirnova who combined her acting background, years pitching in corporate boardrooms with her masters in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health.

The Tools

We draw on classical acting techniques to teach you about how the voice works and how to use it effectively. We help you achieve clarity and power, as well as find colour and understand how to use your voice to create stories. We will teach you about body language and how to connect with your own body and take up your space with confidence.

The Mind

Our mind and our anxiety can play tricks on us. We help you understand what is the driving force behind your anxiety about public speaking. We break down the science and then we use mindfulness, visualisation and breathing techniques to help you start to control it and channel that nervous energy into your performance.

The Story

We teach you the principals of great story telling and give you an understanding of how to build narratives out of your presentations. We give you very tangible and applicable tools to use in building your business presentations.

Intersection of
neuroscience, business and the arts.

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